It’s been a *few* years since I went to prom and back then I wouldn’t have dreamed of buying a dress online. Did they even have online shopping back then? I went to the mall with my mom and picked out this dress that I felt gorgeous in! BTW if you’d like to borrow it, it’s still in a closet at my parents’ house…

      Yup, that’s me in the hot pink dress and “fancy weaved” hair

      Back to 2017, please! Here are some of the best places to buy your prom dress online ranked in order of how much I love them!

      1. ModCloth
        I LOVE THIS SITE! They offer just about any style you can imagine and in all price ranges. The sorting features are super helpful, too. But the BEST part about ModCloth is that in the reviews section, the writers list their height, weight, and bust size along with which size they purchased, so you can find someone similar to your body type and see what they thought of the fit! Bonus points if they upload a picture of themselves in the dress!! I bought like 5 dresses from them one year for bridal showers and bachelorette parties and loved them all!
      2. Rent the Runway
        Seriously, where was this when I was in high school? Imagine walking into your prom wearing Kate Spade, Tory Burch, or Vera Wang. Rentals start around $30. NO JOKE! They’ve even got a “Rent 1, Get 2” sale going on right now, so grab your friends and get yourselves some cute dresses! They also have customer reviews with photos and sizes like ModCloth to make deciding even easier.
      3. LuLu’s
        So. Many. Dresses. How is one supposed to choose? The selection at LuLu’s is hard to beat, and the prices are pretty darn reasonable! Plus, you get free return shipping within 10 days if you don’t like what you ordered. Their customer service is outstanding! They, too, have reviews with sizes, but no pictures. I’m seeing a theme here !

      Don’t forget to incorporate your prom (or homecoming) dress into your senior portrait session. These kinds of dresses are meant to be photographed and you already know you look amazing in them! Do you have some other online shops you love and think should be added to the list? Let me know!

      Happy shopping!


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