It’s no secret: engagement sessions are some of my favorite sessions to shoot! Especially if I am going to be shooting the wedding for that couple as well. It’s our time to bond, practice our posing, make sure we’re comfortable together, and it’s MY chance to really watch how a couple interacts with each other and store it away for their wedding day portraits! So you can imagine how bummed I was when I met with Taylor and Jason and they told me they had already had their engagement pictures taken! BUT then they told me they were adopting a golden retriever puppy in a couple weeks and suggested a “family” session with their new dog. UM YES!!

      We met for our session at the tail end of one of the coldest weeks in Michigan all year and I was super proud of Taylor, Jason, and sweet little Barry for toughing it out as long as they did! Barry was a bundle of excited energy and SO cute! And yeah, all those photos of just Taylor and Jason below? I was wrangling Barry with one hand and shooting with my other hand! We snuck inside for a few more shots in the warmth at the end and I think they are my favorite! I am so excited for Taylor and Jason’s wedding at The Grand Belle in Holly later this year!


      They are such a beautiful couple and can’t wait to see the shots from their Metro Detroit Wedding later this year! you are such a talented Photographer!

      This is a beautiful engagement session! I have been looking for a Metro Detroit wedding photographer! Are you taking 2020 bookings?

      This is an amazing engagement session, I can’t wait to see their wedding photos. I have a cousin looking for a Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer, I will pass your name along. I love your work!!!

      I cannot wait to see the wedding phtoography images you do for them later on this year in Metro Detroit! You are a super talented wedding photographer in that area.,

      I love that they brought their dog to their engagement session!! And I am SO excited that you are also their wedding photographer! Do you travel outside of Metro Detroit?

      Looking for a Michigan Wedding Photographer and I adore your work <3 Contacting you!

      What a sweet, adorable session. You are such a talented wedding photographer. I’m going to have to get up to Michigan to see you soon!

      These engagement photos are the cutest. I have a cousin getting married in Michigan who is looking for a wedding photographer. I will need to send her your way!

      I am obsessed with these puppy pics! Michigan is so lucky to have you as a local wedding photographer!

      How cute are they!?!?!?! Cannot wait to see their Michigan wedding with you as their photographer!

      Hi, this is just gorgeous! I am completely jealous of the puppy and in love with these images! So you are a wedding photographer based in Michigan only or do you donothwr areas too?

      This is such a cute Michigan engagement session! Are you going to be their wedding photographer too?

      What a sweet session, exactly what I have in mind for my engagement session. Are you also available as a Bridal Photographer in Michigan?

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