It was early, chilly, and sunny all at the same time. Matthew and his mom met me at Stoney Creek Metro Park, my favorite place to shoot of all time! I was so excited to take them to my newly discovered spot in the park.

      I loved chatting with him and his mom about Northwest as we walked from spot to spot. That school holds such a special place in my heart! I was surprised to find out that NW now had a bowling team, and Matthew was a part of it. They even placed 9th in the state this year!

      I love that he chose to wear a formal suit for one of his outfit choices, he looked great in it! But I have to give Matthew the biggest props out of all my guys this school year since he had to change right out in the middle of the park with just me and his mom holding up blankets and a reflector to hide him! What a trooper!



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