Trying not to age myself here, but I remember Caleb as such a little munchkin running around church! I’ve known his mom for years – she was one of my biggest supporters when I was teaching in Vietnam. I was so excited when she asked me to shoot Caleb’s senior portraits for them because I knew his would be so unique!

      Caleb earned the highly sought after title of Eagle Scout and I love that he incorporated it into a few of his shots. He’s also big on theater and art and I LOVED his lavender suit jacket he brought with him! It was actually part of his costume in one of the plays that he was a part of. I was really excited he wanted to start his session out at Yates Cider Mill in Rochester…it’s one of my favorite places!!

      My favorite part of the session, though, was the relationship between Caleb and his mom. You can see him burst out laughing below while she fixed his tie in between takes. Caleb’s laugh and smile made this session turn out amazing. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous since he was my first male senior EVER! Best of luck next year at DePaul!



      YOU knocked it out of the park, too! All the pictures are stunning!

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