This week I reached out to one of my favorite seniors from the Class of 2017: my gorgeous cousin, Maggie! I’ve had the privilege of photographing her several times over the past few years, AND 2 summers ago she was my assistant while I was pregnant and couldn’t carry all my own gear 😛


      Maggie is finishing up her senior year at Rochester High School and will be heading off to Western Michigan University in the fall. She plays the flute in the award-winning marching band and played on the varsity lacrosse team. She was also active in the theatre program and participated in both plays and musicals!

      First, we started talking about her favorite parts of senior year. Of course she mentioned how fun it is to look back at the past 4 years of high school and remember all the good times. Instagram is a great way to quickly be reminded of how time flies and all the fun you’ve had over the years. Check out Chatbook, where you can print off little photo books of all your IG photos (plus captions) automatically for only $8 a book!

      There are also some great perks that come with being a senior! At RHS, only seniors are allowed to go off campus for lunch every day. no more cafeteria food and brown-bag lunches for this girl! We couldn’t forget to mention senior “skip days”! So fun! I went to Cedar Point on a skip day when I was in high school…12…years…ago…I digress. Plus the most looked forward to senior event: PROM! Here’s a fun quiz to find out your prom dress style.

      Next, I asked Maggie how to make sure senior year is GREAT! Her advice was oddly similar to what I would expect to hear her mother tell me: “Stay focused on school work, don’t ignore homework, and manage your time wisely.” This girl is going places! She also encourages seniors to get super involved during their senior year in things like student council, clubs, theatre, volunteer work, band, choir, and sports. Not only do they look great when applying to colleges, but they will help build lifelong memories and friendships!

      Lastly, Maggie gave me some advice to pass on to the incoming freshman class this Fall: “High school isn’t about the subject…it’s how your teacher communicates/teaches it to you…don’t pass the class, pass the teacher!”

      She is wise beyond her years, and I have to assume it runs in the family 😉 Thank you so much, Maggie, for all your advice on how to make senior year, and high school, great!

      So how about you? What advice do you have to help seniors get the most out of their last year of high school? Or if you’re out of high school, what do you wish you had known or done differently?



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