A few months ago, while getting a pedicure, I snagged a magazine off the counter and was flipping through it to avoid talking to the beautician (sorry, lady, I only get an hour to myself once in a blue moon!). I came across an article about these magnetic false lashes and thought it sounded interesting! Admittedly, I am HORRIBLE at makeup, and have only attempted false lashes on my own once with the result of instant tears, frustration, and never trying again. A few days later, a BuzzFeed article popped up about the same thing and after reading it, I thought it’d be a great idea to give it a try!

      Let me start my review by saying my first impressions from the company weren’t great. I placed my order in mid-March and they said it’d ship out in 2-3 weeks. One week later I got an email saying they’d be delayed another 2-3 weeks. After a month had passed, I emailed their customer service with no reply. So I started stalking their Instagram, only to find out that people who had placed orders in January still hadn’t gotten theirs! I was disheartened and left a comment on one of their posts about how disappointed I was. To my surprise they replied asking me to send them my order number. Less than 24 hours later my lashes were shipped and on their way! The squeaky wheel gets the grease!!

      Here’s the set I ordered: “Original Lash”. You get 2 sets of lashes for $69 and free shipping! They have other sets available that are more full or smaller, something for everyone!

      The day after they arrived I decided to do an all-day trial. Putting them on was tricky at first! The tiny magnets kept linking up way out of place. Each eye gets 2 little lashes shown above, one sits on top of your lashes, and the other underneath the same line of lashes. The magnet holds the lashes tightly to your existing eyelashes. I found that lightly holding the top piece in place with one hand helped while I placed the bottom piece helped it land where I wanted it to. Once they were on and I liked where they were, I LOVED the initial peek in the mirror! I truly felt like I had had a professional glue on false lashes! They felt heavy and I could definitely “see” them out of the corners of my eyes which felt funny…but it felt the same as when a makeup artist puts on a full set of false lashes, so I couldn’t expect much less!


      I wore them ALL day (okay for like 8 hours) and was truly impressed! I went grocery shopping on a super windy day and they didn’t budge. Around hour 4 or 5 I almost forgot I had them on! When my husband came home from work, he said my eyes looked great!

      Overall, I give these lashes a 9 out of 10! I took away a point for the poor initial customer service. But I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially high school girls who have lots of dances and senior portraits coming up!


      Here is the link to One Two Cosmetics where you can get your own set!

      P.S. – I was in no way compensated for writing this review 🙂



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