Do these guys look familiar? They should! They did their initial engagement session with me back in October 2017 (you can check them all out in their blog post here) before they had even hired me as their wedding photographer! We had SO much fun and I was so honored that a fellow photographer would ask me to take pictures of them! After posting their blog on social media, a childhood friend of Nicole saw the images and hired me as their wedding photographer as a result! Life on Purpose runs almost exclusively off referrals from former or current clients, and I like to show my appreciation – so I gifted Nicole and Noah with a free session of their choice! I’m so glad they chose to do another round of engagement photos, because look how darn cute they are! Not to mention, we started this session at 6:30AM on Belle Isle, which meant a super early day for all of us. I used to be afraid of early morning sessions, but now they are becoming my favorite! Only 2 more months until these lovebirds tie the knot…I cannot wait to get them in front of my camera again!!


      Oh what a beautiful spring engagement session. Is their wedding also in Michigan? I bet they’ll love their images with you as their photographer.

      Wow these are gorgeous. Glad I stumbled upon your site. Looking for an amazing Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer and I’m so glad I’ve found you!

      That dress is so gorgeous! Do you shoot all over Metro Detroit? I would love to hire you as our Wedding Photographer

      This metro Detroit couple is so cute! You’ll have a great time as their wedding photographer!

      This is going to be such a gorgeous wedding I can tell already!! You are my favorite Metro Detroit Photographer!

      Oh so gorgeous! I can’t wait to see their wedding photos! Is the wedding going to be in Metro Detroit? I’m sure they’re ecstatic to have you as their photographer!

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