I’d been looking forward to Nicole and Mo’s wedding all year! During their engagement session, they were telling me about how big and fun their bridal party was going to be, stopping at a bar between the ceremony and reception, and their awesome friend who was going to DJ for them! Plus, these two are so laid back and fun to be around, I just knew it was going to be an amazing day!

      The venue their chose to have their ceremony at, The White House Wedding Chapel in Warren, MI, was just stunning! I honestly have never photographed a ceremony at a more beautiful location. Nicole’s long walk across the balcony (holding back tears, of course) and down the giant staircase with her dad started off such a sweet ceremony! It was so touching that Nicole’s dad was so overwhelmed with emotion that he almost couldn’t give her away. Nicole and Mo decided to write their own vows, and I am SO glad they did! To summarize: Nicole ended hers with Salt-n-Pepa lyrics and Mo promised to take Nicole out for sushi every 10-12 days: they are a match made in heaven!

      Despite the cold, the whole bridal party was great for grabbing some fun group shots around the grounds of the chapel after the ceremony. I was most excited to take newlywed photos of Nicole and Mo because we had had so much fun during their engagement session. I was certain that when I asked them to dance that those would be beautiful, and they were! Afterwards we all headed to Limelight for a few drinks before the reception. Nicole even bet Mo $20 that she could make a shot…and she won!

      The night ended with the best dance party I’ve been to in a long while! Nicole and Mo’s DJ had everyone out on the dance floor from beginning to end. However, the highlight of the whole evening was when Nicole’s brother appeared in a T-Rex costume: Nicole’s favorite dinosaur! They danced to Jurassic Park and I laughed more than I think I’ve ever laughed at a wedding! I’m so, so glad that Nicole and Mo chose me to document their special day for them and that I was able to capture all these fun moments for them!!


      What an amazing day for a beautiful couple inside and out!!!!!! Awesome pictures. … love ya Nicole and Moe♡♡♡♡♡

      Katelyn (bridesmaid)

      You captured Nicole and Mo perfectly!

      You captured this Michigan wedding so beautifully! What a gorgeous couple; you must love being a photographer!

      This looks like a fun and beautiful Michigan wedding, you did a spectacular job as their photographer capturing their personalities in each photo. Love your work!!

      What a beautiful and fun wedding! That location is gorgeous. They were lucky to have such a talented wedding photographer in Michigan.

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