You ever just click with people? That’s how it felt when I met up with Hailee and Mitchell for the first time to discuss possibly photographing their wedding! Seriously, we sat in Starbucks and I think we tried to part ways about 3 or 4 different times but ended up right back in conversation. Hailee is a professional hair and makeup artist, so it’s always fun to connect with other ladies in the wedding industry and “talk shop”!

      I was so excited for their early morning engagement session on Belle Isle! I’m so grateful to yet another couple trusting my crazy requests to meet them at all hours of the day to get the perfect lighting! I cannot stress enough to all you brides and grooms out there (and anyone else planning to have portraits taken at some point) that the lighting conditions are OH SO IMPORTANT during your session! Props to Hailee and Mitchell for getting up early for these, I think it was worth it, don’t you??


      Look at these locks! I bet these two are so fun. I’m excited to see their wedding images. You’re such a talented Michigan photographer.

      Oh wow I just love their gallery. And I love the way you connect with your Metro Detroit Couples as their wedding photographer.

      AHHHH!! I just dyed my hair green the same way as hers! I need you to photograph my wedding in the Detroit Metro area!! <3

      What a beautiful area in metro Detroit! Great spot for a wedding photographer!

      What a beautiful Metro Detroit couple!! Bet you can’t wait to be their Wedding Photographer soon!!!

      Omg they are so cute! My friend is looking for a metro Detroit wedding photographer so I’ll send her your info! I love your style 😍❤️

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