When I dreamed about starting my Senior Model Rep program this year, I knew the first person I would be calling was Gabby. Not just because she is my second cousin, but she’s also an amazingly talented dancer AND she’s a senior at my Alma Mater: Lutheran High School Northwest! Of course she agreed…hopefully not just because it’d be awkward at family gatherings if she didn’t πŸ˜‰

      We decided on Downtown Fenton and a few fields in Holly as our location so that we could get a great mix of both settings in her session. Gabby has such a great sense of style and her outfits were just perfect for each location we traveled to! She also had an entourage with her helping her throughout the session including her mom, little sister, grandma, and her BFF! I’m so glad we were able to capture a few shots of her and her best friend, Stephanie, at the end of the session! Then to top it all off, I knew that Gabby’s 17th birthday fell on the day she scheduled her session, so I surprised her with some cupcakes and candles to blow out before we parted ways. It was so fun!


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