Dawn and Matt were yet another couple where the moment we started chatting, I just knew we were a good fit. I a lot of people don't realize how important it is that they pick a photographer who not only produces great images, but also someone they get along with! Say what?? That's right, folks! You'll be spending a BIG chunk of your wedding day with your photographer, so spend it with a person who feels more like a friend. Imagine having someone who annoys the heck of you following you around on the biggest day of your life! 

Now off my soap box and back to Dawn and Matt! I love that they brought their fur-baby, Nala, to their engagement session!! She was pretty excited too and was sure to make me work to get her to sit still for a few seconds! She definitely stole the show in quite of a few of their shots. I was grateful they were all willing to brave the chilly weather and trust me to explore some new locations - it really paid off! I can't wait for Dawn & Matt's wedding coming up in just over a month!!

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