We’ve all seen it: those absolutely stunning photos on Pinterest where the children are all sitting perfectly with a beautiful smile on their faces. I admit, I’ve gone into family photos hoping for this, too! But that’s just not real life most of the time! This past weekend I photographed the most adorable newborn session where the baby just didn’t want to sleep. Technically not the ideal for a newborn session, but you gotta work with what you have, right? And you know what, the pictures still turned out amazing! Something I really try to stress to the families with little (or even big) kiddos is that kids aren’t meant to sit still, so I try to let them be themselves and capture some candid moments. I even snap a couple of them in their not-so-great moments, because as a mom, I know those are important to capture too! Because those are REAL life…the tears, tantrums, squirming…so don’t sweat it! You’ll look back on those pictures and smile to yourself, and show your adult child those pictures in years to come and laugh with them about their silly behavior.




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