Brittany and Matt told me they had been searching for a wedding photographer for quite a while and were excited to finally find someone they liked: me! Naturally I was pretty excited to meet them, PLUS they agreed to meet me over donuts and cider at Spicer Orchards which is one of my favorites! It was so sweet to hear about their long-distance relationship and see them so happy to finally be living in the same place after so long! I was immediately drawn to Brittany's organizational skills when she started detailing all their plans for their wedding day! We are both ALL about lists!!
They decided to brave the chilly weather we've had this year and schedule their engagement session for January. Thankfully the sun came out to illuminate our day and their images turned out perfectly! Check out the ones of Matt spinning and dipping Brittany all over the place like a pro, even though it was their first time!! I am so excited to capture him twirling her on their wedding day in just a couple months!!!

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