A blog? What? Since starting my photography business 2 years ago, I’ve debated whether or not to start a blog to start about my sessions and share a bit about my life. I feel like up until now I didn’t have a whole to say to the world. But this past year has been an eye opener in so many ways not only as a photographer but as a mother, wife, and friend. So here it goes! I’ll be writing about my clients’ stories, sharing photos, advice, and a bit of myself too.

      So here’s the traditional start of 2017 list of my resolutions:

      1. Actually keep up with a blog 😉
      2. Establish my business in our new town, Holly, Michigan
      3. Make the most of the workshop I’m attending in March by Teri Fode
      4. Give film photography a try
      5. Potty train my daughter!
      6. Decorate our new house
      7. Keep going on my weight loss journey
      8. Travel <3

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        My little family

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