When it comes to a perfectly polished, classic look, Face by Nertila is my go-to girl for hair and makeup. Nertila and I worked together in staffing nearly 5 years ago, and now here we are both running our own companies and doing what we love every day! She’s worked on so many beautiful faces for several of my photo shoots, including styling all 3 girls for our senior model reps this past Fall! I sat down with her to chat about what she does and her advice for ladies out there getting ready for their portraits coming up.
      1. How old were you when you started loving makeup? When did you decide you wanted to do it professionally?
        I loved makeup as soon as I can remember! I was always impressed with the women in my family and would stare at them for hours as they were getting ready. I started doing my own makeup in my teenage years and started working professionally in my early 20s. The past few years have been mainly bridal, especially after falling in love with my own wedding day and wanting to re-live that day over and over again.
      2. What’s your favorite part of your job as a makeup artist?
        Meeting so many amazing clients of course!
      3. Are there any makeup trends in 2018 that you are looking forward to?
        I don’t really follow trends. I prefer classy, clean looks – the ones that will last longer than a trend. I like to enhance what has already been given to us.
      4. What are 3 items in your makeup kit that you cannot live without?
        Concealer, mascara (L’Oréal Voluminous) and lip product.
      5. What should women do (or not do) when getting ready to go in for their hair and makeup appointment?
        Come with a clean face and hair!!! No night-before makeup, and preferably no product at all. I like a clean canvas! Most of all, trust the professional and enjoy!
      6. Do you like it better when clients have pictures of the look they are going for, or if they tell you to just “do your thing”?
        I like it when clients bring a picture, especially if it’s our first time. My repeat clients, we typically know are good at talking it out the day-of to come up with a good idea.
      7. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see women make when they do their own makeup for a photo shoot or wedding day?
        Not hiring a professional! When you are spending the money on professional pictures, you want to take that all the way and hire a professional hair and makeup artist too, especially if you are not comfortable doing your own. A professional will know what looks good on camera and what doesn’t.
      8. Do you recommend brides do a hair and makeup trial before their wedding day? Why, or why not?
        Absolutely, 100% of the time.  You want to have no doubts or uncertainty about what your hair and makeup should look like on your wedding day.
      9. What are your tips for women who want to do their makeup themselves?
        Practice makes perfect! It looks a lot easier when someone else is doing your makeup, but don’t get frustrated, winged liner can’t be perfected in a day!
      10. Where is your favorite place to shop for beauty products?
        Sephora and Ulta are some local names, but I mostly purchase from professional beauty shops online.
      11. What tips do you have for caring for skin specifically during the dry, winter months in Michigan?
        Moisturizer , moisturizer, moisturizer and when in doubt, some more moisturizer. My favorite is Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre.

      This Metro Detroit Michigan makeup artist does beautiful work! I’m sure you love working with her as the photographer!

      Wow it’s great that you provide brides with information about more than just wedding photography in Metro Detroit. This was a great post with a ton of information about wedding makeup!

      I love these tips! Metro Detroit is lucky to have you as a wedding photographer! Thanks for sharing!

      Your Metro Detroit brides are so lucky when they hire you as their Wedding Photographer!!

      These are great tips for brides planning their wedding in metro Detroit and beyond! Have you worked with her often as a photographer?

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