Sparkly diamond rings and baby announcements have been blowing up my social media feed from friends and family after the holidays, how about you? Looks like a LOT of you are going to be planning weddings and showers this year! So I asked my long-time friend, Nikki Johns of Nikki Johns Events, to sit down with me and chat about what she does as a wedding and event planner! Nikki and I have known each other since we were in high school and are now both mother’s to little girls and working in the wedding industry.

      1. What got you into wedding planning?

      • My own wedding planning! I realized how much I didn’t love what I was going into (physician’s assistant) and just LOVED planning my wedding, so I spoke to a few people in the industry and upon their recommendations just dove right into it!

      2. What is the biggest value you add to the couple’s wedding day or planning process?

      • I do a lot of day-of coordination which is great because they don’t have to ask family or friends to set out the favors or place cards and stuff like that, I do all of that for them. If something goes wrong, I can be there to step in an take that stress off of the couple. I also work a lot with couples who are planning from another city or state, so I meet with vendors for them and give them options to choose from.

      3. How many weddings or events do you take on per year?

      • Last year I coordinated about 20 weddings, plus showers and rehearsal dinners as well!

      4. What would you say is one of the most common misconceptions about what you do?

      • That I own all of the items like chargers, linens, etc. Those are all rented from rental companies! Also that hiring a wedding planner is way too expensive. I try to make sure that I am affordable enough that my couples can still save enough money on all the things that are important to them for their wedding day without having to make sacrifices.

      5. If a couple doesn’t hire a planner, what’s one of the biggest mistakes you see them make?

      • Forgetting little things that don’t automatically come to mind unless you’ve been in the business for a while such as asking the caterer if they provide the dishes or having someone designated to set up the place cards beforehand.

      6. Are there any new trends happening in 2018 that you’re excited about?

      • I love that couples are wanting to get married in non-traditional places. I talk to a lot of couples who want to be the first or only people to get married in a particular place, or they want an intimate wedding in a family backyard! I also love the unique food ideas I’m seeing such as food trucks

      7. What’s your favorite part of your job?

      • The relationships I get to build with my clients. I have gained some really close friends that started as clients, and now we stay in touch and are watching each other’s families grow together!

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