About Amanda

      Family. It comes in all forms and sometimes in the most unexpected places. Obviously you’d call your blood relatives your family. Some of us have super close friends who they consider family. Other even consider their co-workers a family-unit. Me? I’ve got all that PLUS the couples I photograph. Photographing weddings gives me a chance to be a part of someone else’s family for a short time period and capture behind-the-scenes moments for them to treasure forever!

      This idea of being part of your family for the day, leads me to be so much more than “just a photographer” for your wedding. I’ll help you throughout your entire planning process- lending advice I’ve curated over the years in the industry. On your big day you’ll find me helping your mom with the buttons on your dress, holding the ring-bearers hand between shots, joking around with your uncles, making sure the best man has your rings, sprinting to grab you a plate to cut the cake, and wiping my tears during the vows & toasts. Above all else, you’ll find me capturing one of the most important days of your life through the lens of not “just a photographer”, but a trusted friend and family member.

      I’ve been married for 5 years to the smartest man I know and we have a beautiful daughter, April, who just turned three in November. We also have 2 mini hot-dogs that round out our little family. We live in Holly and love the small town feel here!

      I’m a sentimental person constantly finding little ways to let the people I love know that I am thinking of them. I twirl my hair when I’m nervous, bounce my foot constantly, and tell a LOT of stories no matter who I’m speaking to! I love country and electronic music, nature & true-crime documentaries on Netflix, and I’ve been a die-hard Britney fan since I was in 6th grade. I’ll choose white wine over red, vanilla over chocolate, winter over summer, dogs over cats, putting the toilet paper roll OVER instead of under, and ranch dressing over any other condiment.

      Photos by Stefanie Russo Photography

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