Video is not new, but it’s making a HUGE push into the wedding industry! We chose to have a videographer at our wedding and I am so glad we did! However, if I had been better educated we definitely would have spent a lot less and received a more meaningful video (instead of a full hour of people dancing at the end!). Here’s a super helpful list of questions to ask a potential videographer before you hire them:

      1. What is your videography style?
        Cinematic? Vintage? Classic? Make sure you are going to get a video style that matches what you are looking for. Ask to see lots of examples of their work.
      2. How do you choose the music for the film?
        I had to choose all the songs to be played for our video, without seeing the video! I hated that. I would have much rather given them a genre we liked and let the professionals handle that. Make sure you know what their process is ahead of time!
      3. Have you shot with my photographer before?
        I’ve worked with some amazing videographers who knew just when to move in for their shots and when to shoot over my shoulder. I’ve also worked with videographers who plopped their tripod right in front of me during the first kiss. If they haven’t worked with your photographer, ask for the names of a few they have worked with and do your research!
      4. When will I receive my video?
        Editing video can take a LONG time, sometimes even longer than your photographs. Make sure you have a time frame in mind so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment, especially during busy wedding season!
      5. Have you shot at my venue before?
        A videographer (or any vendor for that matter) who knows the layout of the venue and the typical lighting situations is much more valuable to you! If not, see if they are willing to contact the venue and do a pre-visit, or at the very least show up early, to check everything out.
      6. What’s included in each of your packages?
        This information should already be on their website (I’m always wary of vendors who don’t have their pricing available to the public, how do you know if they aren’t changing the price for each person?), but make sure you understand exactly what you are getting. I’m a huge fan of the highlight reels. Although a couple minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, it really is! If I could go back I’d rather have a highlight reel and maybe our vows and toasts, everything else I could have done with just a quick clip and reminder!
      7. Does your package include a second shooter or stationary tripod?
        Obviously this would mean at least one more camera capturing all the action, but also another person can sometimes get a little crowded, especially with a small wedding. Keep in mind what your “getting ready” space looks like, ceremony site, and reception venue to make sure you’ll have room for a photographer (or two) and a videographer (or two).

      Are you looking for a videographer in the Metro Detroit or Flint area? Contact me for a list of my favorites!


      This is an amazing and really informative read! These are things all brides planning a wedding should know! Kudos for being an amazing photographer and sharing this amazing information.

      This is wonderful advice. I’m sure you being a photographer means you have to know the local vendors to make recommendations, which videographers would you recommend in the Flint, Michigan area?

      This is such great info to share with Michigan brides. You are such a talented wedding photographer.

      Such great advice!! I know someone looking for a wedding photographer in Michigan, can’t wait to tell them about you!

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